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Hocico: Signos De Abberracion (Limited-Edition) (Colored Vinyl) 2LP

Type Vinyl

It is time to go back! To the old days! To the bloody days! To the cruel days! To the days when the smoke and sulphur of Mexican fire barrels turned an Aggrotech legend into a world power. "Odio Bajo El Alma", "Sangre Hiviente" and "Signos De Aberracion" are inextricably linked to this epoch - and now finally available on vinyl for the very first time

These three titles send shivers down the spine of old-school industrial fans, as they stand for darkness, fanaticism and a spirit of optimism that is only present in the early days of revolutionary music. For a long time these milestones were completely out of print, now they are being reissued: On Ink-Spot double vinyl in a noble gatefold cover, a version was created here that absolutely lives up to the influence of these three albums on Dark Electro.


  1. 1 Pandemonium
  2. 2 Instincts Of Perversion
  3. 3 Untold Blasphemies
  4. 4 Bloodshed
  5. 5 Child's Eternity
  6. 6 Forgotten Tears
  7. 7 Un Alma Y El Vacio

  1. 1 Twisted Lines
  2. 2 En Otro Lado
  3. 3 Wounds
  4. 4 Callate El Hocico
  5. 5 Silent Wrath
  6. 6 Final Resource (Therapy Version)
  7. 7 Poltergeist (Slave Version)
  8. 8 Instantes De Perfección

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